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If you are an active Spire residential customer in Alabama and you’ve been impacted by the coronavirus, we’re here to help. Spire is providing funds to help you if you’ve experienced an interruption to your household income and are struggling to pay your natural gas bill due to the pandemic.


In order to qualify for assistance, you must:

  • Be a Spire residential customer in Alabama who has experienced an interruption in income due to coronavirus
  • Be between 0% - 200% poverty level. If you're unsure about whether you fall within this range, use this chart to calculate your eligibility:

Household Size 151% FPL 200% FPL
1 $1,596 $2,127
2 $2,156 $2,873
3 $2,716 $3,620
4 $3,276 $4,367
5 $3,836 $5,113
6 $4,396 $5,860
7 $4,956
8 $5,516 $7,353

If you are outside these guidelines, you're not eligible for this program, but there may be other programs to assist you. Please visit for more information.


This grant is available for Alabama customers only. The maximum assistance available is $100 per household.

IMPORTANT: Please Answer First

Only customers whose income has been impacted due to coronavirus are eligible for this fund. If your income has not been impacted due to coronavirus please read other ways Spire is helping during this time.

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Applicant Information

Last paystub, income statement, or last years' W-2

Declarations & Agreement

You will be asked for your electronic signature on the following page.

Please allow 5-10 business days for a response.